Friday, 14 October 2011

'Staging the Henrician Court.'

Last night I attended a seminar given by Professor Tom Betteridge of Oxford Brookes university. One of the things he discussed was the mystery play The Grocer's Play and its revision in 1565, which he argues was although 'a product of the Reformation, the anxieties seen in the play are elements of the medieval drama.' It reaffirmed in my mind the merit of visiting medieval plays and poetry written before and during Henry's reign. I am convinced that it is an important exercise in fully understanding and appreciating subsequent works penned under Edward, Mary and, to some extent, Elizabeth.

Prof. Betteridge is involved in the project 'Staging the Henrician Court', and states that:

"The aim of ‘Staging the Henrician Court’ - a collaborative research project between Oxford Brookes University and Historic Royal Palaces led by Thomas Betteridge (Oxford Brookes), Dr Kent Rawlinson ( Historic Royal Palaces ) and Greg Walker (Edinburgh) and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council - is to use the staging of Heywood’s Play of the Weather in the Great Hall of Hampton Court Palace to explore the spatial organisation of Henry’s court through dramatic re-enactment, and to provoke questions about how far drama may have reflected or influenced Henrician policy. The performance will be filmed and made publicly available as part of the project’s website, whose content will be provided by Tudor historians and specialists."

Check it out.

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